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All Austin Cooperative Nursery School (AACNS or more fondly, “The Co-op”) is a play-based part-time preschool located in Central Austin, Texas.  A community of parents, teachers, and children created and support the program together to provide high-quality experiential learning for our children in a secular environment.

Our non-profit school is a true cooperative, run by a board made up of parents, the director, the teachers, and members of the Austin community. Each family is responsible for a support job, and parents take turns assisting the teacher in the classroom. While our children are learning by playing together, we parents are learning too, by sharing information and by following the supportive guidance of our teachers.


In 1953, a group of progressive parents founded the All Austin Cooperative Nursery School with the purpose of providing a racially integrated, educationally sound learning environment for their children. AACNS was one of the first progressive preschools established in the state of Texas. Over the years, AACNS expanded and developed into a family-centered school, continuing to maintain a policy of nondiscrimination with regard to race, religion, color, and national origin. It was many years, however, before the Co-op was able to realize its dream of owning a space of its own. Finally, in 2002, on the eve of its 50th anniversary, AACNS purchased, renovated, and moved into a building designed solely for the use of young children and their families.


Today, we make these promises to our community:

We promise to LISTEN to children;
We promise to JOURNEY with children on paths they choose; and
We promise to CREATE COMMUNITY that supports children and their families.

Read in more depth about these promises and our values here.

Our Play-based program

See what play-based learning looks like at Co-op!

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Support the Co-op

We want to thank you for putting the Cooperation in All Austin Nursery School! Your support and enthusiasm is what make the Co-op so special. Please consider these easy ways to help fund our amazing school.


The Co-op is a non-profit organization. All or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  Please check with your tax advisor.
Donate with Paypal:

Limited Edition Co-op T-Shirts

Get them while you can!  These shirts are a great way for you and your children to show off your Co-op pride while supporting the school in a super hip, 100% pre-shrunk cotton kind of way.


Create-A-Plate transforms your child’s art into one-of-kind plates, bowls, and trays.  Co-op alumni will tell you these plates are the best, and you’ll find yourself using them for a long time.  Look for this fundraiser in the fall.

Receipt Sharing Nights

Besides raising money for the school, the Co-op restaurant receipt sharing nights are always a fun excuse to dine out with the family with “coincidentally” running into other Co-op families.  Be on the lookout for these fun events throughout the year.


Austin’s favorite book store is a generous supporter of the Co-op.  For one week in November, Book People will donate a percentage of their sales to the Co-op.  It is a perfect opportunity to support a local business and our school at the same time!  Plus, motivation to get the holiday gift buying started.


Contact Us

2301 Hancock Dr. 
Austin, TX 78756

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